Class Begins January 8th, 2021
7 week class for $249


You’ve seen artists you admire create beautiful abstracts and you want to be able to do the same, but you’re worried that…

  • You’re not creative enough to be an artist
  • People won’t take your painting seriously
  • Your art won’t be liked
  • You’re going to fail

Relax + Paint will help you get beyond your worries and help you blossom as a new artist. It will:

  • Help you tap into your natural-born creativity
  • Build your confidence
  • Provide an online community to enhance your learning experience

About Lori

Lori Rivera is a fine artist living in the Midwest who was mostly self taught until 2018 when she enrolled in a still life painting class. She works with both oils and acrylics. She found the still life class informed her abstract work and helped her develop as an artist. Recently, she has mostly been devoted to growing as an abstract artist. You can visit her website at
loririveraart.com to learn more. She can also be found on Facebook and Instagram at @loririvera.art.

“While no two abstracts are the same, Lori provides an experience to make the beginner more comfortable with the materials needed to make such art.” – Tabatha

As a participant in the course, you’ll receive:

  • Seven weeks of video lessons and PDF downloads
  • Access to a private Facebook group so you can connect with other students
  • Access to a private class website
  • Seven live Q&A sessions
  • Several painting timelapse demos

Course Outline

Week 1 – Introduction + Color Mixing

Week 2 – Mark Making

Week 3 – Working in Layers

Week 4 – Creating Depth

Week 5 – Elements + Principles

Week 6 – Composition + Focal Points

Week 7 – Painting Timelapse Demos + Pulling Everything Together

Painting can help

  • Provide an emotional release
  • Improve how you feel
  • Connect you socially with other artists

“I highly recommend her as an artist and author of art books to teach yourself how to paint.” – Jaime

Work at your own pace through lessons unlocked weekly for class participants only. Each lesson builds upon the last and I’ll host a live Q&A each week for open art discussions. A Facebook group will also be available for members interested in talking or sharing their art with each other.


What will I need?

Your art supplies will cost around $100. After you enroll, I will e-mail you my supply list on Blick’s website. You will be able to add all the supplies with the click of one button, and then check out. You are more than welcome to order the same products elsewhere, but it may be the easiest to order from Blick since everything is already set up for you to purchase. Be sure to order early enough so that your supplies arrive before the class begins.

In addition to traditional art supplies, you will need a paint palette (you can use paper plates), a medium size container for water, and paper towels or reusable cloths. You also need a space big enough to paint a 20″x20″ canvas (the largest size we will be using). A table will work just fine, or you can use a table or wall easel. You may also want to place a drop cloth beneath your work area and wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on – acrylic does not wash out!

You will also need a computer, tablet, or mobile device that is capable of playing videos and downloading PDFs. I would highly recommend a computer or tablet over your phone.

Do I have to be in a certain location to take the class?

You can be anywhere in the world to take the class as long as you understand English and can get access to the materials needed for the course.

When does the class begin?

Class begins January 8th, 2021.

I don’t have any painting experience. Is this course for me?

Yes! This class is designed for individuals who have never painted before.

How many hours per week does this course require?

I would recommend spending at least two hours a week reviewing the lessons and practicing. Just remember, the more you practice, the faster you improve, so really you can spend as many hours a week painting as you’d like.

Can I sell the paintings I make during the course?

Absolutely! The paintings will be entirely your creations created with the methods I teach to you.

Will my paintings look like everyone else’s in the class?

No. It is unlikely your work will turn out very similar to other students’ work in the class. My method of teaching does not involve the class creating the same paintings as me. Instead, I show you techniques to use and you take those techniques to make your own original artwork.

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You deserve this opportunity. It’s an investment in yourself and your creative future.

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